Open Studio created in 1996 in Lincoln. MA the Open Studio is a place for artists to come together and paint for one day each week. Neither studio nor school, it provides artists with a sense of community and joy in the artistic process. Founded by Carla Ricci and Stephanie Rolfe.

DeCordova Museum School, faculty member; Faculty Advisory Committee

Public art large-scale, low-cost, high-impact art is the goal. This winter plans are underway for a piece of public art large enough to be seen by cars, trains,planes and even ships at sea as well as the regular pedestrian. The goal is make people smile. Budget zero. While secret for the time being, here's a hint.

Providence Art Club, member 2009-present.


Robin in her Garden

My Flowers

Homemade Matisse

Getting Ready for Tea

Outside Open Studio


Family in Lincoln, MA

Christmas Flowers

Shannock RI Sunset

Summer at Codman Farm

Time to go Home