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Carolina, RI: The Story of a New England Mill Town

Directed by Carla Ricci   

A hundred years ago,New England had 2000 milltowns....and one of them was tiny. 75 houses clustered around one street,less than a mile long. But don't let looks deceive you: Carolina, RI, has a big story. As mill towns go, it may be the smallest of the small but this film makes the case that it may be one of the best. To be aired by RI PBS in 2011.

The Nature Conservancy

Directed by Carla Ricci   

The Nature Conservancy of Rhode Island web site wanted to animate their web site with short films and asked Carla Ricci to create some. The first has Janet Coit, the Director of TNC RI introducing visitors to TNC's website.

The second is the story of how TNC and a local cranberry farmer came together and preserved a special piece of land. Both are designed to introduce the viewer to the people who make TNC RI a vibrant organization.


Co-Produced by Carla Ricci   

This is a film about how one small Boston suburb beat the odds and saved its farmland. Today, more acres of land are being farmed in Lincoln, MA now than 50 years ago..and the whole town, from preschoolers to the elderly, are involved in the pleasure of making things grow. This film is a story of the town's farms and what happened to them...and what keeps them alive and vibrant today. Premiered at the RI International Film Festival. Distributed by Northeast Historic Films.

Hope Valley Oral History Project

Creative by Carla Ricci   

Hope Valley Oral History Project asked Carla Ricci to serve as videographer for their oral history project: a group of residents was interviewed to make a new park - the first in living memory - memorable for the visitor. Park completed, fall, 2009.

Slideshow work by: Yvette Nachmias-Baeu